Property Law

Property ownership is a cornerstone of wealth generation in today's society and a fundamental aspiration of nearly all Australians either in a personal occupation or investment capacity. For nearly all Australians real estate will be by far the most significant asset they will ever own.

Vale Law provides advice and assistance in all aspects of property law from early stage planning and development, through acquisition, finance, construction, leasing, maintenance and preservation to eventual sale. We understand the critical value and position that real estate holds in our client's lives and our approach to client matters reflects that understanding.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Whether you are first home buyer or experienced investor you will require assistance in the purchase transaction. Successfully acquiring your family residence, investment property or business premises requires fundamental legal knowledge and understanding as well as attention to detail, all qualities of the professional staff at Vale Law.

Vale Law aims to make the conveyancing process simple and straightforward. We will provide you with accurate and easy to understand advice at all relevant points of your transaction. Occasionally unforseen issues may arise and at that point, our experience and knowledge will be of added value to you.

We are able to assist with all types of property transactions, whether vacant land, residential, commercial or industrial; whether you plan to live in the property or lease as an investment; and whether the title is standard Torrens, strata, community, company or Old System. 

Property Disputes & Litigation

Despite the best of pre-planning and attention, disputes over and in relation to property can arise. Usually they occur either from the nature of Property as a high value asset or in terms of its usage in our close social contexts.

Our lawyers have experience over a wide range of property law and related dispute areas, inclusing issues or matters relating to neighbours, fences, retaining walls, boundaries, easements and covenants, caveats, possessory claims, co-ownership, development, building and construction, property trusts, nuisance and trespass, mine subsidence, compulsory or statutory acquisition, leases and licences.

Vale Law strives to settle disputes in an amicable fashion but understands that on certain occasions litigation is an unavoidable fact of life. As litigation can be an expensive process, we try to deliver our legal services in the most cost-effective manner.

Our lawyers have a track record of success in managing cases involving litigation. We maintain close involvement with our clients throughout so that they are fully aware of what to expect in Court. At all times our advice and assistance is geared towards obtaining the right outcome for the client.

Property Development

Vale Law is able to assist with a variety of property development and related commercial activities. We have experience advising clients in relation to development planning and structuring, sub-divisions, strata and community title, option agreements, mortgage- finance, private covenants and easements 88B instrumemts, by-laws and management statements, building and construction, commercial and retail leasing.

Vale Law stays informed of current issues and trends in the development industry. We have a proactive ethos of identifying potencial legal issues for clients before they become significant burdens. Staying up to date with relevant industry groups is part of that process.

Real estate will normally be by far the most significant asset you will ever own. No matter what stage of the ownership cycle you are in, our succinct, accurate and timely legal advice and assistance will be critical to your needs.