Business & Commercial Law

Advice & Assistance

Very few businesses speak to a lawyer prior to a problem arising, and as a consequence, many businesses do not know of potential issues waiting to surface. Vale Law recommends a proactive approach to business owners to help them avoid the financial and other difficulties that arise when critical legal situations emerge.

Vale Law assists small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to deal with their legal setup, structure, methods and risks so that the owners can focus on the efficient operation and success of their business. We provide practical, cost effective solutions and strategies in order to add value to our clients' businesses. We also advise and assist on business succession matters, including structure and forward planning documents such as shareholder, partnership and buy/ sell agreements.

We build solid relationships with our commercial clients through availability, sound advice and effective communication. Once our initial work is completed, it is anticipated that our clients consider Vale Law as 'their lawyer', only a simple phone call or email away and ready to respond as may be required. We encourage an on-going lawyer - client dialogue to ensure small issues or concerns do not stagnate or escalate.



Vale Law provides services covering a wide range of commercial and business transactions from drafting simple or complex contracts and agreements, through the sale and purchase of businesses, to advising on commercial lease or franchise documents.


Mediation/ Litigation

Much of our client work is relating to anticipation and avoidance of legal issues such as commercial disputes. However it is a fact of commercial life that disputes can and will on occasion arise and at those times clients will need quality and cost effective assistance.

Litigation is an expensive process. Our role in commercial disputes is not only to provide succinct, accurate and timely legal advice but also to discuss the likely costs/benefits of the various paths to resolution. Settling a dispute in an amicable fashion will normally be the preference of all concerned. Sometimes negotiation and/ or mediation will achieve that outcome and are methods encouraged for consideration. However on certain occasions, litigation becomes unavoidable or the most effective solution.

Our lawyers have experience in a wide range of general civil and commercial litigation matters including debt collection, insolvency, breach of contract, Trade Practices, business dissolution and general commercial or business matters.

It is a misnomer to suggest there is a 'winner' in litigation. Vale Law endeavours to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients whatever that outcome might be. We will always give you an accurate portrayal of the considered strengths and weaknesses of your position. It is our view that success in litigation can only be measured internally for a client, they will not be a 'winner' regardless of the outcome. Clients should aim to properly improve their position through the litigation. The measure goes beyond the decsion of the Court or Tribunal. It is our role to help identify and then assist the client to achieve that position. That said, when the decision is made to take a matter to hearing, it is our expectation that the outcome sought will be positive.

At all times we aim to deliver our legal services in the most cost-effective manner for our clients. We maintain close involvement with our clients and endeavour to keep them informed and empowered throughout their Court proceedings.

"Vale Law recommends a proactive approach to business owners to help them avoid the financial and other difficulties that arise when critical legal situations emerge."